Allyson St-Germain

Allyson St-Germain

Residential Real Estate Broker

REMAX Tranquilli-T
You are unique, so your needs are just as unique. Real estate, customer service and support have always been part of my passions. From an early age when I was driving around in the car I looked at the houses around, trying to imagine myself living inside and / or imagine what the potential of each one was.
A transaction such as buying or selling a property is often the most important choice of a lifetime, so it is very important for me to help you through the whole process. As one of my favorite expressions puts it so well: When your nose is too stuck on the tree, it's hard to see the forest around! It's the same when we make big decisions: Often times we focus too much on certain elements to see all the others and thus get a big picture of the situation.

Before getting into the real estate brokerage industry, I mainly worked in the restaurant business! This universe allowed me to develop my ability to work under pressure and to manage several elements at the same time. Coordination and efficiency are golden rules in this area, which requires good time management and good schedule coordination.

My mission is to make your life easier and allay your worries so that you can experience your transaction hassle-free. We are in a way partners who must work hand in hand to ensure that everything runs smoothly.

I'm here for you, a phone call, a text message, an email or even a message on social networks and your question / query would be history.

An insured transaction (Tranquili-T, Integri-T) is a reassuring transaction. Our exclusive RE / MAX programs, which I make a point of including in my service offer, are made for you! Tranquili-T is a program that protects you during your transaction, if there is a withdrawal, death or if you need legal advice. Don't worry, this kind of problem doesn't happen every day, but our goal is to plan for the worst to prevent damage! Prevention is better than cure! If you are eligible, we also have the Integri-T program which protects you in the event of a latent defect, both for buying and selling.

Make an appointment with me so that we can establish your needs and offer you a service that reflects your image!
Allyson St-Germain

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