Be a part of the real estate elite at RE/MAX de Francheville!

The great RE/MAX de Francheville family

The great RE/MAX de Francheville family

We believe that having a support team that answers your questions and is available to help you ensures your success as a real estate broker. Our ongoing training and tools will allow you to exceed your clients' expectations. With our human approach and a dynamic and stimulating work environment, RE/MAX de Francheville is the real estate agency propelling you to the top.

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Unity is Strength

  • Julie  Villeneuve Julie Villeneuve
  • Nicolas  Geoffroy-Brûlé Nicolas Geoffroy-Brûlé
  • Christiane St-Jean Christiane St-Jean
  • Michel Brûlé Michel Brûlé
  • Me Marie-Michèle Dombrowski Me Marie-Michèle Dombrowski
  • Sandra Lavoie Sandra Lavoie
  • Caroline Dallaire Caroline Dallaire
  • Josée Boisvert Josée Boisvert
  • Sylvie Gagnon Sylvie Gagnon
  • Nathalie Hill Nathalie Hill
  • Chantal St-Louis Chantal St-Louis
  • Ginette Martin Ginette Martin
  • Éloise Lavoie Éloise Lavoie
  • Annik Martineau Annik Martineau
  • Anne Beaumier Anne Beaumier


Private training and coaching

Training on a regular and continuous basis on the latest developments in real estate

Executive availability; assistance

Agency executives who do not do real estate brokerage in the field, so they are 100% dedicated to the success of their realtors

Administrative Resource

Support team in every sphere essential to the work of realtors


Operating in the region since 1989 and the most successful agency in the region with a market share of over 50%

Technology Resource

Constantly evolving tools that improve efficiency and performance for real estate brokers

Digital marketing resource

Social Networks & more. Branding & digital coaching

Mortgage Partners

5 partners with access to our offices working closely with our team

Our 3 offices strategic locations

Accessible 24 hours a day with great locations and a work environment that is conducive to everyone's business development


Awards ceremony, international convention, golf tournament, happy hour, latest technology convention, Christmas party and more

Our values

Respect, integrity, professionalism and all that in a fun way


At RE/MAX de Francheville, "we take care of everything" is not just a slogan, it is our mission to offer you a great career in real estate. You will be supported by our administrative team in achieving your goals.

We will become a team and above all a family.

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Broker Testimonials

Olivier St-Pierre

RE/MAX de Francheville is in itself an institution in the Mauricie region and the real estate field. The quality of the service offer supports and mentors young people as well as experienced brokers. The proactive and innovative side of the agency benefits the clientele and the professionals in order to maximize the result of their transactions. To conclude, RE/MAX is for me synonymous with humanism, authenticity and dedication to important causes such as Opération Enfant Soleil. The company's values resonate with me and make me particularly proud to be a broker at RE/MAX of Francheville.

Élaine Viviers

At RE/MAX of Francheville, our leadership and administrative staff provide the support we need to get the job done. The availability, the generous and valuable advice, the training made available to us, fill our toolbox in order to conduct our transactions according to the rules of the art. We form a large family on which we can rely at all times.

Kim Ebacher

Our agency is equipped with a team of leaders who are first and foremost very human, competent people who offer us exceptional availability. They are concerned about our success, as well as our professionalism. As soon as we arrive, we have access to ongoing training. It is a privilege to be part of this team!

Germain Labrosse

I quickly realized that the RE/MAX de Francheville banner is an exceptional vehicle for real estate brokerage. Having been in the business for almost 45 years, I can say that RE/MAX gives you the freedom to act as a self-employed person without compromising the support that the agency's management offers. Reliability, respect, family atmosphere of the agency as well as the integrity of the managers towards their team, the choice is simple

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